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YOU SHOULD SEARCH: "followers" bc i love you guys."outrageous" for me.~~I CANT GROW A BEARD! ~~unicorns, dinosaurs and lions. :D~~i have a thing, jus a little thing, for music, quotes, books, movies, food, photography, (landscape, macro, time lapse, panos) superheroes(I really like x-men), DIY, nature, clothes, video games(ask me what games. :P), ink and piercings, USAF/USMC, science, technology, my fav color is purple astrology, yoga, health, magic, horses, mysteries, socks, glasses, stuffed animals, gummy candies, german chocolate cake, basketball, angry birds, dream catchers, tangled, brave/merida, skyrim, dragons, archery(i shot a bow and arrow in girls scouts years ago! it was uber fun.) and candles, sparkles, ductape, caterpillars, jellyfish, swimming, camping and hiking, cat naps, angels, classic sport or muscle cars, snow cones, sonic drive threw, star wars, sunny days, colored hair, sarcasm, and stuffs.~~I want to be a pilot in the Air Force and then travel the world with my camera. I'm also leaning towards architectural and interior design.~~ im in the marine corps jrotc program, I played basketball and was in girlscouts. ~~I LOVE MY FOLLOWERS. :3~~my birthday is jan 21st; help me celebrate. :P~~do you play runescape?? im nodeathtoll. hit me up. lets kill hillies together. :D IF YOU WANT ME TO SEE SOMETHING, I TRACK THE TAG "BELLASAUROUS".
kik: bellasaurous
snapchat: bellago_rawr
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Bumble checking out how high she jumped ;)

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Oops. khenanadeche. I think I sent the reply back instead of posting it publicly. Hahahah. My bad.

Youre a dork khenanadeche. :D


ideas for the painting project

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haha its a little arrow! hey there little guy!

where are you going, silly? down isn’t the way to live! you have to have a positive outlook! always look up!


yeah!! that’s more like it. keep heading towards the sky, little buddy. i believe in you

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Types of Matter

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color combos are fun.

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 dark pale/personal

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172/365(2) by Philippe Pasqua

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Awwwww… XD idk really how to respond to this. But its much appreciated!!

I know it was pretty weird to just say, but you’re absolutely adorable and I love the content you blog and everything. =D

Totally made my day!😁😆😁😆😁😆😁